Ribbed Blanket

Chunky blankets are great projects for multiple reasons:

They are fun to made and they are really, really useful.

Making a chunky blanket a lot of times is associated with a chunky yarn. And this association is true, in a sense that the majority of the time you are going to need a special type of a yarn to be able to make the chunky ribbed blanket.

Chunky Ribbed Blanket

We, however, are aware that the majority of the projects online are chosen by a random search. We are also aware of the fact that the majority of the pattern searches do not have chunky yarn in their wardrobe. Let’s say that a chunky type of a yarn is not a default member of your yarn inventory.

For the reasons well described above, today we are sharing tutorial that is going to teach us to crochet chunky blanket using a regular yarn.

C’est voila!

Crochet Chunky Ribbed Blanket with Regular Yarn

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