Crochet Simple Face Mask

Project of the day: Simple to make face mask. Technique to use while making this face mask: Crocheting. Skill level that is required in order to crochet this simple face mask: Intermediate, beginners are welcome to try. Type of the tutorial for the simple crocheted mask: Video instructions. Instruction language for the video tutorial: English.

No Sew Mask in 5 Minutes

Project: No Sew Mask Tutorial. Technique used to make this mask: Simple DIY, No sewing required. Materials used: Any old T shirt, fabric will do. Skill level: Beginner. Tutorial type: Video tutorial. Instruction language: English.

Crochet Waffle Cardigan

Project for today: How to make a waffle stitch cardigan. Technique used to make a waffle stitch cardigan: Crocheting. Stitch used: Waffle stitch. Skill level required to crochet a waffle stitch cardigan: Intermediate. Tutorial type: Video instructions.

Crochet Heart Pouch Tutorial

Project for the day: Heart Pouch. Technique used to mkae a heart pouch: Crochet. Skill level required to crochet this heart pouch: Beginner. Tutorial type for the beginner level crocheted heart pouch: Video. Source: Article link from Design-Peak, Youtube. Video tutorial:

Make a Face Mask at Home Easy

Project: Easy face mask at home. Technique used to make this easy face mask: DIY, no sewing required. Skill level required to follow the instructions: Beginner. Tutorial format: Video tutorial. Availability: Free, available down below. Tutorial language: N/A. WATCH TUTORIAL HERE

Easy Crochet Crop Top

Project of the day: Easy Crop Top. Technique used to make a crop top: Crochet. Skill level required to crochet a crop top: Beginner as you’ve probably guessed from the headline. Time needed to complete the crocheted crop top: 20 minutes. Tutorial type: Video tutorial. Language: English, N/A.

How to Sew a Medical Mask

Project: Medical Mask Tutorial. Technique used for making a medical mask: Sewing. Type of tutorial for the sewed medical mask: Video instructions. Language: N/A. Skill level required to sew a mask: Beginner.

Crochet Face Mask Tutorial

Project for today: DIY face mask. Technique used to make a handmade mask: Crocheting. Tutorial type for the crocheted face mask: Video instructions. Skill level required to crohcet this face mask: Beginner. Time needed to make the mask: 20-40 minutes

Crochet Bunny Pouch

Project of the day: Bunny Pouch. Technique used to make a bunny pouch: Crocheting. Skill level required to crochet a bunny pouch: Intermedeite. Type of tutorial for this project: Video instructions.