Heart Granny Square and Puff Blanket

Puff Stitch Granny Square Instructions

In order to crochet a complete puff stitch blanket you have to learn how to make some other stuff a priori.

First and foremost you have to know how to crochet a puff stitch scrubbie. They are quite popular, largely because puff stitch texture is really comfortable and applicable for the products of that specific.

In order to learn to crochet puff stitch scrub, check out this video tutorial:

(If you know how to make puff stitch scrubbie, ignore these guidelines and continue reading below.)

After you’ve become familiar with puff stitch scrub, then you can advance to the next stage. Now, you need to crochet borders around the scrub you have created and here is where the second part of the boarder instructions kicks in. In the video tutorial below – you are going to learn how to crochet borders around the base and thus create a square motif.

After you’ve created your first puff stitch granny square, you have to create them again following all the previous steps one more time. Of course every other square will be made in shorter and shorter timeframes as you will naturally become more fluent in making them. After you’ve created enough squares to fill your blanket, grab your needles and sew them together.


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