Crochet Flower Slippers – Pink and Pretty

The project that we are looking at is a:

Pink and Pretty Slippers.

The project is for crochet slippers. They do have a decorative flower piece attached on top of them.

The slippers can be done in two slightly different manner, however as we know even the slight differences in the footwear make a huge difference appearance wise. The difference is the thickness of the very top part of the slippers, that serves as a clip piece of the project. Making the part thinner will change the whole design of the slipper by not changing the pattern at all. Thus you can easily experiment with it.

In order to make sure that these two slightly different, yet still same by pattern projects are, both, well covered in this article we are going to look at them separately. Be assured that even the tutorials are separate, knowing one is a blueprint for knowing the other.

Crochet Flower Slippers – Pink and Pretty

Slippers with a thicker top:

Crochet flower slippers with a thicker top

Slippers with a thinner top:

Flower slippers with a thinner top – Crochet

As for the decorative flower:

Flower tutorials are all across the internet and we’ve decided that in this article we are going t focus solely on the slippers. Flower instructions will be posted on shortly and meanwhile make sure to master to make the footwear. It is rather simple to attach any decorative piece to the already made project and you won’t find any difficulties in that regard.

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