Broomstick Crochet Technique

Broomstick is also known as Peruvian knitting. Its undoubted advantage lies in the spectacular appearance, versatility (it can be used for knitting finishes, and for carrying out the main part of the product; knitting needles and a hook can be used for knitting using the broomstick technique) and comparative ease of implementation. the main task – pick up the tool, which will cover the loop. This can be either a special stick or a ruler, ice cream stick, a very thick knitting needle. The main thing is that the tool thickness over the entire length is the same. And we must not forget that the greater the thickness of the stick, the longer the stretched loops will be and the more airy and transparent the product will be.

Broomstick Stitch

Please note that it is necessary to measure the loop on a stick or a needle freely, without pulling the thread. A yarn for knitting to practice in the implementation of the pattern, it is better to choose easily sliding.

Traditionally, to perform each element is invited to recruit 5 elongated loops. However, in fact, their number can be any: you can perform each element, for example, of eight loops, and then it will be more voluminous, and it is possible out of three, and then the element will be flatter. It is important that an equal number of loops be grouped in each element.

To calculate the starting number of loops for knitting or the number of air loops in the dial chain, use the following formula: the number of elements in the group + the number of groups in the row + 1.

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