Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Project: Project for the Crocheted Stitch. Stitch Name: Unknown. Stitch Craft: Crocheting. Applications: Stitch is useful for creating blankets, shawls, cardigans, sweaters and so on. Article Type: Instructions. Instructions Type: Video Tutorial from Youtube. Instruction Language: Unknown. Note: Simple to follow based on the visual delivery. Required Skill Level: Intermediate. Time Needed: Approximately 40 Minutes. …

Crochet White Circle Shawl

Project: White Circle Shawl. Article Type: Do It Yourself Instructions. DIY Technique Used: Crocheting. Tutorial Type: Video Instructions. Instructions Language: NA. Note: Instructions are clear enough for following based on visualization only. Instructions, Project Difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate. Time Consumption: 45-60 Minutes. Video Instructions Available Below:

Crochet Pretty Handbag

Video tutorial: How to crochet a pretty handbag. Project of the day: Handbag tutorial. Technique that is used in order to make this handbag: Crocheting. What is the skill level that is required in order to be able to crochet this handbag: Intermediate crocheting skills. Type of the tutorial: Video from Youtube. Language: N/A.

Crochet Granny Square Bag

Project: Bag our of a granny square. Technique in order to make a granny square bag: Crocheting. Skill level required to crochet a granny square bag: Intermediate. Tutorial type for the crocheted granny square bag: Video tutorial. Instruction language: N/A (Not English).

Make Simple Mask in 5 Minutes (No Sewing Machine Required)

Project: Simple Face Mask in 5 Minutes. Technique: Sewing, however no sewing machine is required. Hand sewing only. Skill level required to make this face mask: You can do it as a complete novice. However more experienced crafters will finish the project faster as with a better touch. Tutorial type: Video insturctons. Language: English. Time …

Crochet Simple Tote Bag

Video Tutorial: Project of the day: Simple Tote Bag. Technique used in order to make a simple tote bag: Crocheting. Skill level required in order to be able to crochet a simple tote bag: Intermedaite. Time required for completing the project: 1 hour, loose approximation. Type of the tutorial: Video. Language: N/A.


Today’s project: Jasmine stitch. Technique for making a jasmine stitch: Crocheting. Tutorial type for the jasmine stitch project: Video tutorial. Instruction language: English. Skill level required to crochet a jasmine stitch: Intermediate.

Simple Face Mask

Project of the day: Simple Face Mask. Technique used in the tutorial: Fabric DIY, nothing special. Skill level required: Novice. Type of the tutorial for the handmade mask: Video. Instruction Language: English. Time required to make this mask: under 10 minutes.

Crochet Sweater Tutorial

Project of the day: Warm Sweater Tutorial. Technique that is used for making this warm sweater: Crocheting. Instruction type for the crochet tutorial: Video Instructions. Crochet sweater tutorial language: Russian / NA. Skill level required in order to crochet this warm sweater: Intermediate Level Crocheting.

Bag from Jeans – Sewing Tutorial

Project of the day: From Jeans to the Bag Tutorial. Technique used in the tutorial: Sewing. Tutorial type for the sewed bag: Video Instructions. Instruction Language: English. Skill level required to sew a bag from the jeans: Beginner. Time needed: 30 minutes to 1 hour.